Mainero MDD100 Row Independent Corn Header

New Mainero MDD-100 corn header, for multiple spacing and direction


The great innovation consists on a header with a fix spacing at 20.7 inches (525 mm) between gathering units. Nevertheless, the header can work with multiple spacing between rows or feed directions without the need of any adjustment, modification nor adaptation. This assures you a better gathering performance without sacrificing productivity or feed rate in a wide variety of crop and conditions, even with fallen crops.


The husk remover rollers, are of proven efficiency and high performance under a wide variety of crop and conditions. The pickup chains new disposition, allows the stalk a fluid entrance to the traction area, despite being highly misaligned respect to the center of the harvesting unit. The hood and dividers have a new innovative design as well, which gives them a great capacity of penetration in any direction and row spacing. For all this, Mainero MDD-100 Header is a pioneer in a new harvesting concept that allows you to adapt to the highest demands of the most powerful combines and the most extremes and varied conditions.


In summary, the Mainero MDD-100 allows the plant, entering outside the center line of the harvesting unit, to reach the harvesting unit without being cut or broken, with a minimum slope and almost without being shaken.


The result is a great versatility to adapt to different spacings and feed directions, without the need of modification or adaptation on the header, a better performance on fallen or misaligned crops, higher productivity and longer working hours per day.

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