Apache Cherokee

Gearbox: Eaton 4205, with 5 gears directly driven from the cab by a manual lever shift.


Spraying System: 3/4" steel piping. Equipped with quinjet noozles at 0.35 m and unijet noozles at 0.52m . Monitoring system with low and high tank level with automatic shut-off filling and spraying shut-off when the tank is empty.

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Apache Farming Equipment



 3225 Cherokee



 Straight, built with steel folded, forming a solid structure, strong and elastic for addressing high torsional resistance.


Front axle:

Fixed, with stabilizer bar and 2100 mm gauge


Rear axle:

Fixed, with stabilizer bar, transmit chains of 1 ½ "oil bath and 2100 mm gauge, dual disc brakes and servo brake clamp, which gives more reliability to the operator.



Pneumatic 4-wheel, equipped with self-leveling valve, bottom stop using rubber heel and upper limit of steel cable 10 mm in diameter. It also has 4 pads petreoleros, achieving a uniform and comfortable ride with greater stability.



12.4 x 36 with tires from 10 fabrics.



Hydraulic power, directly in front.



Deutz 6 cylinder 120 HP, in front position which allows for excellent weight distribution. Fuel tank of 160 liters.



4205 Eaton 5 speed, with direct gearshift.



Eaton 162, high and low, with pneumatic and transmission divided cardanic tree bearing bridged.


Product Tank:

Built in reinforced fiberglass, with a breakwater to prevent the swinging of its content. Capacity 3200 liters.



Pressurized, high visibility, built in fiberglass reinforced with steel internal structure. Equipped with air conditioning, car stereo with CD player and AM / FM radio, speakers 4 "high tone. Passenger seats. Roof drawbridge from the inside, features 6 lights work.


Width of work:

25 m (optional 27 m).



Rear, hydraulic with electronic drive, pivoting on a central pin higher than 60 mm in diameter and self-leveling hydropneumatic self with nitrogen accumulator springs.



Fully electronically actuated hydraulic constructed with steel tubes placed in a central diamond with higher tensile steel sling and 10 mm with height adjustment using spring itself. It also has automatic safety got away, thus providing an excellent performance even at high speeds.



Line ¾ "stainless steel. Equipped with picks quinjet (optional trijet peaks) and peaks around 0.35 meters to 0.52 meters Unijet. Computer Sensor with integrated system of tank level gauge max. and min. filling with automatic cutting and cutting spray when the product is finished.


Pump spray:

ACE FM 200 with electro pulley, with a flow of 360 l / min at 8 Kgs pressure, high performance and low maintenance.


Travel Charger:

40 liter mixer full, with practical adjustable height wash cans and spear. Honda 5.5 HP Pump


Fresh water tank:

Capacity 160 liters.



Air compressor, hydraulic cricket, fender surround, handbrake, toolbox and telescopic lance.


Fuel tank:

160 lts


General Dimensions:

Maximum width of work: 25 meters (optional 27 m)


Minimum Operating Height:

 500 mm



 6000 Kgs


Gross Weight:

9100 Kgs

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