Abelardo Cuffia - Agrotax AG9000 Pro

AG9000 Pro combines the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Variable?Rate Technologies (VRT) to improve productivity and profitability while conserving and protecting the natural resource base.


Regulates the amount of seed and fertilizer applied in each zone by integrating a mechanical continuously variable transmission (CVT) system and the electronic controllers.


Controls up to 3 variables independently (one seed channel and two fertilizer channels).


Commands up to 18 mechanical continuously variable transmission (CVT) modules (6 modules by each seed/fertilizer channel used)


Operates manually or automatically. In manual mode, the user chooses preset rates (up to 4 rates for each channel). In automatic mode, a standard shape-type prescription and the position information from the GPS are used for controlling the application automatically. The prescription defines the zones (shape file) and the rates applied in each zone (database file).


Saves geo-referenced information of the amount of seed and fertilizer applied at each point, velocity and time. It can be imported into most standard mapping software.


Provides a wide range of continuously variable rate.


Easy to install in planters, drillers and fertilizers.


Does not use the hydraulic tractor systems.


AG9000 Pro console

7" high-bright color screen, with user-controlled bright intensity for night applications.

Friendly user interface, with on-screen options and selection keys.

On-Screen numeric display about working parameters (velocity, partial and total worked area and time, amount of seed and fertilizer, distance, etc.)


Worked area and time records for each plot and in total.

CAN bus system for one-wire robust communication between the controller and the machine.

Serial GPS connection, with configurable baud rate.

SD/MMC card and pen drive reader, supporting FAT file system.

2 USB ports, for downloading the geo-referenced logs.

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